Case Analysis of the Land Parceling Market in the State of Espírito Santo + See All


Work performed:

IVISTA‚ with the support of Sinduscon[1] and Ademi[2]‚ conducted a survey of all residential and business land parceling developments in the state of Espírito Santo approved and implemented from 2000 to 2013‚ aiming at showing the representativeness of the sector in the real estate market.


The survey comprised the 13 major cities of the state of Espírito Santo‚ and included the mapping of the land parceling developments‚ ranking‚ indicators of the infrastructure implemented‚ number of plots‚ net area‚ progress of the amount of developments and investment‚ in addition to a complete record of every development.


There were over R$ 750 million invested‚ 36‚000 plots‚ 1 million sqm of institutional area and 12 million sqm of net area.

[1] Sindicato da Indústria da Construção Civil – Union of the Civil Construction Sector

[2] Associação de Dirigentes de Empresas do Mercado Imobiliário – Real Estate Market Association


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