Case Sustainable Development Plan of the Municipality of Vila Velha – ES + See All


Work conducted:

IVISTA was invited by the Asevila ( Associação dos Empresários de Vila Velha/ES[1]) to lead the Consortium for the development of the Sustainable Development Masterplan of the municipality. The other companies that integrated the group were Futura‚ responsible for the socio- economic analysis‚ Prosul‚ for the highway project proposals‚ and Cepemar‚ for environmental analysis.


IVISTA was responsible for making the information of the technical group compatible and developing the real estate part of the report. The objective of the plan was to highlight projects that could contribute to the economic development of Vila Velha‚ through the generation of jobs and income for citizens and more taxes to the municipality. This is because Vila Velha belongs to a metropolitan area where the capital city concentrates the headquarters of companies and autarchies.


The proposal of IVISTA and the Consortium was to list ten development projects that could contribute to those expected benefits. Each of those projects was reviewed to reach a pre-diagnosis of potential‚ possible scenarios and expected returns‚ in order that a priority of projects to be implemented could be defined.

[1] Association of Businessmen of the city of Vila Velha/state of Espírito Santo


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