IVISTA conducts the prospecting of areas aiming at closing partnerships between proprietors and land parceling companies, where the proprietor becomes a business partner and the land parceling company conducts and/or manages all steps of the process.


The fee of the land parceling company is performed through a percentage of the PSV (Potential Sales Value).



The IVISTA prospecting services include the following:

  • Demographic and economic analysis of municipalities;
  • Initial negotiation with proprietors;
  • Land parceling market survey;
  • Masterplan analysis;
  • Registration of areas in land parceling companies and development of reports with market information and characterization of areas;
  • Monitoring of negotiations between proprietors and land parceling companies.


We prospect areas above 300,000.00 sqm to develop the following products:

  • Open land parceling;
  • Closed land parceling;
  • Planned neighborhoods.


In 2011 and 2012 IVISTA closed deals in 6 municipalities and 3 states, totaling more than R$ 1.5 billion PSV.


We present next the contact options for being our partners in those area prospections.


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