+      Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development includes the provision of expert consulting services for vocation study‚ product formatting‚ investment quality analysis‚ development and identification of a partner and/or buyer for the property.


The work includes the following steps:

  • Macroeconomic analysis of the surroundings and urban dynamics;
  • Regulatory analysis;
  • Analysis of supply installed;
  • Analysis of projects under development and future projects;
  • Market projections;
  • Formatting of developments with implementation proposals;
  • Quality Investment Analysis (QIA) and business models.


We also offer the product specification step that involves the appointment of professionals that are expert in projects and approvals‚ in addition to the monitoring of all approvals required to maximize the value of the property and assist in its marketing.


Occasionally‚ if there is an option for a built to suit operation‚ we will guide and analyze the specifications required by the customer‚ aiming at the property liquidity after the end of the operation agreement.

+      Real Estate Appraisal Report

IVISTA prepares real estate appraisal reports of properties for proprietors‚ occupiers‚ developers and investors aiming at providing subsidies to contractual negotiations‚ purchasing and selling operations‚ legal purposes‚ portfolio analysis‚ bank guarantee‚ among others.


The company uses the methods required by the ABNT[1]‚ Ibape[2] and international standards‚ depending on the objective and purpose of the appraisal.


The quality of work‚ together with the experience in the commercial area in negotiations with financial institutions‚ investors and developers‚ makes IVISTA a distinguished company in the appraisal engineering area.

[1] Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas - Brazilian Association of Technical Standards

[2] Instituto Brasileiro de Avaliações e Perícias - Brazilian Institute of Appraisals and Engineering Reports


+      Market Search

The market research conducted by IVISTA values the quality of information and the interpretation of the benchmarks players wish to visualize‚ once our distinction relies on the detailing of the database.


We conduct real estate searches throughout Brazil according to the demand of the customer‚ which may be punctual in a particular neighborhood or comprehensive in a state or region.


Annually‚ we publish our research of logistics parks and promptly conduct surveys on the commercial office and land parceling real estate market.

+      Real Estate Analysis and Management

IVISTA conducts the analysis of portfolios belonging to financial institutions‚ family offices‚ investors‚ among others‚ focused on the appraisal of real estate assets‚ guiding them regarding:

  • Liquidity of each property;
  • Profitability;
  • Moment and strategy for disposal;
  • Market trend;
  • Assistance for the acquisition of new assets.


The experience of over 20 years in the real estate market‚ in particular in the corporate commercial properties‚ qualifies us to act consistently and with quality for the decision making of customers.

+      Sale & Leaseback

Sale & Leaseback is a structured operation aimed at raising funds‚ through the sale of real estate assets of the customer to an investor and the subsequent lease of the property by the seller of the asset.


This operation enables the alleviation of the cash flow of the company‚ improving operating results through the entry of lease amounts as expenses.


We have a vast network of institutional investors interested in long-term investments.

+      Sustainable Development Plan for Municipalities

IVISTA‚ together with strategic partners‚ prepares Sustainable Development Plan for Municipalities with the main objective of creating an instrument able to assist‚ advise and contribute to the promotion of balanced and sustainable development‚ consistently‚ competitively and socially inclusive.


The work basically presents 3 specific objectives:


  • Identification of development opportunities for the municipality based on its potential and state and metropolitan economies scenarios;


  • Generating ideas‚ guidelines‚ policies and projects that contribute significantly to the sustainable development of the municipality;


  • Development of a platform of business opportunities for potential private investors.


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